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    Know your beers.

  • Craft-science at molecular level.

    To help:


    Discover new beers.


    Benchmark their homebrew.


    QC their batches.

  • Where we stand


    ✓ Project funded (Kickstarter)

    ✓ Collected metadata for 250+ beers

    ✓ Bioinformatic pipeline tested (OneCodex)


    ✓ Prepared 96 DNA libraries (Bento Lab)

    ✓ 39 DNA libraries passed QC.


    ✓ Sequenced 39 beers!

    ✓ Analysed wild-yeast results

    --> Published in a Open Access Journal

  • Team

    & repeating collaborators

    BeerDeCoded =

    Gianpaolo Rando, Ph.D.



    Nicolas Rotman, Ph.D.

    Molecular biology


    Jonathan Sobel, M.Sc.



    Marco Maggiotti

    Software Engineer


    Vanessa Lorenzo

    Interaction design


    Alex Hantson, B.Sc.

    Digital marketing


    Luc Henry, Ph.D.

    Science outreach


    Gabrielle Salanon

    Brewing, molecular enology


    Brij Sahi, MBA

    Business development




    A community of passionate individuals working in a non-institutional, open and fully equipped laboratory.


    Founded in August 2014 and growing steadily since, Hackuarium is now the home of 40+ people working part-time on a variety of projects ranging from Antarctica exploration to bioelectronic sensors for water pollutants and, of course beer DNA.





    Safe Food Saves Lives. We help food manufacturers to grow and produce food that is safe to eat.


    Specifically, we enable smart decisions during production, transforming time consuming laboratory analyses into portable “plug-and-play” devices that delivers food safety and compliance certificates.



  • Jonathan Sobel presenting our raw data at BOSC. Photo by Bastian Greshake

    BOSC Open-Science Conference

    July 23rd 2017, Prague

    We released 7 Gb of beer DNA data.

    EPFL Open Food Hackdays

    Feb 11th 2017. We analysed 118 beers with a scanner used by the police to identify chemical substances.

    Your event

    Interested to have BeerDeCoded at your event?


    Oct 22, 2015. We sampled beers of the world at EXPO Milan and interacted with visitors of the Swiss pavillon.

    Swissnex San Francisco

    Feb 19, 2016. A hands on workshop on the microbiology of beer open to Swiss alumni and friends. Pour, test and taste.

    DeCoding beer

    in Ljubljana

    March 24, 2016

    Slovenian beer + tempeh workshop

    LIFT Basel

    Oct 30 2015. Give them beer, people start talking about genomics.

    Kickstarter, NY

    Feb 27, 2015. We were selected for the 1st Kickstarter Science Hackathon.

    Funded in 20 days.


    Annual PhD's party at the University of Geneva

  • Where

    All the operations are headquartered inside the open biology laboratory Hackuarium.ch

    in Renens, Grand Lausanne area. Switzerland.


    Open to the public every Wednesday night from 7:30 PM


    Enquiries: gianpaolo.rando@swissdecode.ch +41 (0)79 930 79 91